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Re: [HTCondor-users] computing element?

On Tue, 22 Oct 2013, Pek Daniel wrote:


Let's suppose there's an existing system with LSF as batch system and
layers like CREAM as computing element, and ICE for the WMS.
If I'd like to replace LSF with HTCondor, what can I use instead of CREAM
in order to stay grid-compliant? (as far as I understood, CREAM doesn't
support HTCondor as a batch system)


the 'BLAH' layer that CREAM uses to ship jobs around *is* able to send jobs to Condor, and has been for many years. In fact we do run a CREAM-accessible Condor pool at the Milan Tier-2 center. Given the (so far) limited interest in this configuration (for a long while only Oxford and ourselves were running Condor at a Tier-X center, with RAL joining the club about one month ago), there are some manual configuration steps involved, depending on how Condor is configured at your place and beyond what is captured in existing distributed YAIM scripts.

If it can be of any help, we (the people in the blah@xxxxxxxxxx list) can share our current practice, and set of updated YAIM scripts. Just let us know.

Just for a quick reference, condor-specific attributes in /etc/blah.config for a recent Condor installation from RPM look as follows. A Cream 'queue' will then be either a schedd name or a schedd name/pool name pair:


Just let us know exactly what you are trying to accomplish (e.g. whether you are installing via YAIM, the EMI version of the installation you'd like to move to Condor, the setup you are planning for your Condor pool or pools, and the like) and we can probably set you off in a promising direction.

Francesco Prelz
INFN Milan