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[HTCondor-users] IEEE Cloud Engineering Update

The 2014 IEEE International Conference on Cloud Engineering (IC2E 2014) is pleased to announce the speakers for the conference keynotes and for the affiliated Cloud Summit. The IC2E 2014 keynote speakers will be Dr. Stuart Feldman of Google and Professor Michael Stonebraker of MIT. Dr. Feldman is Vice President of Engineering at Google, where he has executive responsibility for Google’s engineering offices in the eastern part of the Americas, Asia, and Australia. Professor Stonebraker, hailed as “Big Data Forefather”, currently heads MIT’s new big data research center.


The Cloud Summit in IC2E 2014 will feature top industry leaders in cloud computing who will describe current practices, key challenges, and how researchers can have an impact. Confirmed speakers for the Cloud Summit include:

·       David Cohen, Senior Technologist, EMC

·       Michael Enescu, CTO of Open Source Initiatives, Cisco

·       Christopher Ferris, Distinguished Engineer and CTO of Cloud Interoperability, IBM

·       Doug Orr, Senior Engineering Director, Google

·       Paul Rad, VP Private Cloud, Rackspace

·       Ben Verghese, VP Engineering, Illumio (formerly VP at VMWare)


IC2E is a high-quality, comprehensive IEEE forum whose scope spans the entire cloud stack, and that offers an end-to-end perspective on the challenges and technologies in cloud computing. To be held on March 11-14, 2014 in Boston, Massachusetts, IC2E 2014 is currently calling for paper submissions to its main technical program, industry track, and doctoral symposium, and is also soliciting proposals for co-located workshops and tutorials. Selected papers of IC2E 2014 will be recommended for publication in a special issue of the IEEE Transactions on Cloud Computing.

More information on the conference is available at http://conferences.computer.org/IC2E/.


IC2E 2014 is supported internationally by many leading universities and organizations including the following listed.


[Organizing Committee]

General Chairs:
Azer Bestavros, Boston University
Rajkumar Buyya, University of Melbourne
Hui Lei, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Program Chairs:
Jean Bacon, University of Cambridge
Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo
Baochun Li, University of Toronto

Industry Track Chair:
Dilma Da Silva, Qualcomm

Doctoral Symposium Co-Chairs:
Roy Campbell, UIUC
Rodrigo Fonseca, Brown University

Cloud Summit Chair:
Orran Krieger, Boston University

Workshops Chair:
Xiaohui Gu, North Carolina State University

Tutorials Chair:
Adrien Lèbre, Mines Nantes

Local Arrangement and Registration Chair:
Ellen Grady, Boston University

Publicity Co-Chairs:
Kiriakos Karenos, Microsoft (UK)
Rahul Singh, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Zhenjie Zhang, ADSC

Finance Chair:
Zhe Zhang, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Publication Chair:
Partha Kanuparthy, Yahoo! Research

[Program Committee]


Jonathan Appavoo                     Boston University

Roger Barga                                  Microsoft Research

M. Brian Blake                             University of Miami

Sara Bouchenak                          University of Grenoble

Roy Campbell                               University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Jiannong Cao                                Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Han Chen                                        IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Lucy Cherkasova                        H. P. Research

Gregory Chockler                       Royal Holloway University of London

Yeh-Ching Chung                        National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

Paolo Costa                                   Microsoft Reseach Cambridge

Eliezer Dekel                                IBM Research Haifa

Colin Dixon                                   IBM Research Austin

Patrick Eugster                           Purdue University

David Eyers                                  University of Otago

Yuan Feng                                      Hong Kong Polytechnic University

Ian Foster                                      University of Chicago

Geoffrey Fox                                 Indiana University

Kartik Gopolan                            Binghamton University

Xiaohui Gu                                  North Carolina State University

Indranil Gupta                             University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Robert Hsu                                   Chung Hua University, Taiwan

Hai Jin                                              Huazhong University of Science and Technology

K. R. Jayaram                                H. P. Research

Fabio Kon                                      University of São Paulo, Brazil

Erwin Laure                                 KTH University of Technology, Sweden

Veena Mendiratta                      Alcatel-Lucent

Derek Murray                              Microsoft Research

Priya Narasimhan                     Carnegie Mellon University

Klara Nahrstedt                          University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Beng Chin Ooi                              National University of Singapore

George Pallis                                               University of Cyprus

Guillaume Pierre                        IRISA / University of Rennes 1

Peter Pietzuch                             Imperial College London

Donald Porter                              Stony Brook University

Rajiv Ranjan                                  Australian National University, Canberra

Berthold Reinwald                    IBM Research Almaden

Brian Shand                              NCRS, Public Health England

Jatinder Singh                              University of Cambridge

Swami Sivasubramanian       Amazon

Stefan Tai                                       Karlsruhe Institute of Technology

Kian-Lee Tan                               National University of Singapore

Florian Waas                                EMC/Greenplum

Jon Weissman                              University of Minnesota

Dan Williams                                IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Jeffrey Yu                                        Chinese University of Hong Kong

Xiaofang Zhou                             University of Queensland

[Steering Committee]

Jean Bacon, University of Cambridge
Roy Campbell, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign
Dilma Da Silva, Qualcomm
Masaru Kitsuregawa, University of Tokyo
Christos Kozyrakis, Stanford University
Hui Lei, IBM T. J. Watson Research Center
Dejan Milojicic, HP Labs