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Re: [HTCondor-users] Custom print formats with WHERE clause & condor_status seg fault

If you can send me a stack trace I'll take a look.

On 8/4/2014 7:03 AM, andrew.lahiff@xxxxxxxxxx wrote:

I've just been trying some of the examples of custom print formats here:


with HTCondor 8.2.1. The condor_status example for partitionable slots (*) seems to give a segmentation fault:

# condor_status
Segmentation fault

When the WHERE clause is removed the seg fault doesn't occur. Has anyone else seen this problem?



# status summary output for partitionable slots (8.1.6 or later for some fields)
    Machine              AS Machine   WIDTH -32 TRUNCATE
    strcat(OpSysAndVer,"_x",substr(Arch,-2))  AS Platform WIDTH -8
    split(condorversion)[1] AS Condor
    TotalCpus            AS Cpus      PRINTF %4d
    Cpus                 AS Free      PRINTF %4d
    TotalMemory/1024.0   AS " Mem(Gb)" PRINTF %8.2f
    max(childmemory)     AS MaxMem   WIDTH 6 TRUNCATE
    Memory*100.0/TotalMemory AS FreeMem%  PRINTF %8.1f
    NumDynamicSlots      AS Slots    WIDTH 5 TRUNCATE
    TotalLoadAvg*1.0/TotalCpus  AS CpuUtil   PRINTF %7.2f
    RecentJobStarts/20.0  AS Jobs/Min PRINTF %8.2f
WHERE PartitionableSlot