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[HTCondor-users] PyDagman - a convenience library for writing DAGs

Hi Condor Users,
I'm writing to announce a Python package I've written to simplify the programmatic creation of DAG files in Python. The package is called PyDagman, and is available on github at https://github.com/brandentimm/pydagman

The package is born from frustration writing one-off scripts to create DAG files for the users I support. We regularly assist users in creating DAG workflows to their specifications, usually by reading in parameters from a parameter file and then programmatically buidling the DAG file using loops and conditionals. This package takes care of some of the more annoying aspects, such as string formatting and circular dependency checking. We've had good feedback from our user base so far, so I hope this can help others out there.

It currently supports all possible DAG directives besides CONFIG. If there's a reason or need for that directive it can certainly be added.

Questions, comments, feature and/or pull requests welcome!

Branden Timm
Wisconsin Energy Institute