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Re: [HTCondor-users] Account condor-reuse-slot1_10 creation failed! (err=2202)

Unfortunately you can't change the "condor-reuse-" prefix for the dynamic usernames.
And you can't control the 1_10 for the slot number.  But you CAN set "slot" to something else.

if you add


Then your dynamic slots will be called


and the dynamic usernames will be


which fits.


n 2/3/2014 2:46 AM, Alexey Smirnov wrote:

We are running a windows condor cluster configured with dynamic slots. Recently we added to the pool a new 16-cores machine and suddenly faced problems! Condor is unable to run more than 9 jobs on this new node! Here is what the StarterLog.slot1_10 is saying (the same with all slots upper than 10):

02/01/14 10:05:38 Communicating with shadow <###.###.###.###:61259>
02/01/14 10:05:38 Submitting machine is "###.###.###.###"
02/01/14 10:05:38 setting the orig job name in starter
02/01/14 10:05:38 setting the orig job iwd in starter
02/01/14 10:05:38 Account condor-reuse-slot1_10 creation failed! (err=2202)
02/01/14 10:05:38 update_psid() failed after account creation!
02/01/14 10:05:38 ERROR "Failed to create a user nobody" at line 610 in file c:\condor\execute\dir_29540\userdir\src\condor_utils\uids.cpp
02/01/14 10:05:38 ShutdownFast all jobs.
02/01/14 10:05:38 condor_read() failed: recv(fd=1460) returned -1, errno = 10054 , reading 5 bytes from <>.
02/01/14 10:05:38 IO: Failed to read packet header
02/01/14 10:05:38 Error disabling account condor-reuse-slot1_10 (INVALID PARAMETER)

The problem source is more or less clear. We are not using a "run_as_owner" mode and therefore condor creates a temporal account on the running node. The account name has a template "condor-reuse-slot<X>". Windows limits the account name to 20 characters and therefore the name "condor-reuse-slot1_10" cannot be created. This seems to be a bug in condor!

(In condor mail list there was already a similar question - https://www-auth.cs.wisc.edu/lists/htcondor-users/2012-July/msg00064.shtml... Unfortunately unanswered...) 

Any ideas how to proceed?


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