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[HTCondor-users] Copying ProcID to Routed Job

I use the ProcID for setting an environment variable in my job.  When a job gets routed the ProcID resets to 0 so I need a copy of the original ProcID.  When I try to copy the ProcID though, the copied ClassAd is undefined.    I've successfully copied other ClassAds with the copy_ function inside the JOB_ROUTER_ENTRIES ClassAd. 

 [ \
        copy_ProcID = "TideProcID"; \

The Routed Job shows the copied ClassAd named TideProcID, but its undefined.  The Job Router log shows:

02/21/14 15:38:08 JobRouter (route=CHTC): Copying attribute ProcID to TideProcID

I see there is a RoutedFromJobId ClassAd set, but I don't know how to extract just the ProcID from this ClassAd.  Is there a way to copy the ProcID to a new ClassAd using the Job Router?  Thank you for the advice.  If there are any logs that would be helpful please let me know.