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Re: [HTCondor-users] getting/passing the SlotID

Indeed!  Slot names are quite tricky for partitionable slot configurations as the name in the job ad refers to the parent partitionable slot (slot1), not the child dynamic slot (slot1_1).

Here's a one-liner if you've been installing the python plugins:

python -c 'print __import__("classad").parseOld(open(__import__("os").environ["_CONDOR_MACHINE_AD"]))["Name"].split("@")[0]'

As in,

$ condor_run python -c \''print __import__("classad").parseOld(open(__import__("os").environ["_CONDOR_MACHINE_AD"]))["Name"].split("@")[0]'\'

This is going to always be a string attribute, so munging around in bash is probably also going to work.



On Dec 31, 2013, at 4:01 PM, Imre Pólik <imre.polik@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On 29/12/2013 13:35, Imre Pólik wrote:
"can a process get its own SlotID?
Look at the files pointed to by environment variables _CONDOR_MACHINE_AD and _CONDOR_JOB_AD
cmd = /bin/sh
transfer_executable = false
args = "-c 'head -1000 $_CONDOR_MACHINE_AD $_CONDOR_JOB_AD'"
output = test.out
error = test.err

"Name" or "SlotID" in the machine Ad may be what you want. There's also "RemoteHost" and "RemoteSlotID" in the job Ad."

Thanks. I was hoping to have something similar to $(Process), but alas $(SlotID) did not work. Nor did a few of your suggestions:

RemoteSlotID = 1


SlotID = 1

So it seems like the dynamic slot information is not in those ads. But:

Name = "slot1_1@orgrd001"

in the machine ad has what I need. On the other hand the job ad doesn't have this:

RemoteHost = "slot1@orgrd001"

I'll just search the machine ad then.

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