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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor/SGE cluster


now I can submit /bin/date to our SGE if I use the following command:
/usr/libexec/condor/glite/bin/sge_submit.sh -c /bin/date.

But I'm still unable to get jobs running using "condor_run" or "condor_submit" as they always enter "held" state after a few seconds. So this it what still doesn't work yet:
/usr/bin/condor_run -u grid -a grid_resource=sge /bin/date &

It's still the same error messages:
cat /var/log/condor/GridmanagerLog.xxx
blah_job_submit() failed: submission command failed (exit code = 1) (stdout:) (stderr:)

condor_status -analyze
Hold reason: Attempts to submit failed:

I do also have a more general question: The software which is available on our SGE cluster usually generates quite large output files. Currently, these output files are written to a local network directory which all our users can access. If I wanted to use Condor as a "overlay cluster" in order to allow other institutes to submit their jobs to our local SGE cluster, what would be the best way to grant these "guest users" access to their results? 

Best regards,