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[HTCondor-users] Group Quotas and Preemption

Hello all,


I'm looking for an elegant way to implement the following policy in my Condor pool:

·         We have four groups, and each group requires a different slice of the pool's resources.

o   E.g., the pool has 1000 slots in total, group A requires 300 slots, group B – 200, group C – 150, group D – 100. These are defined using group quotas.

o   The remaining slots are "floating".

o   We also allow surplus (GROUP_ACCEPT_SURPLUS = TRUE), that is, each group can use unclaimed slots, even if exceeding its quota.

·         Whenever a user from a group which is under-using its quota submits a job, and the pool is fully claimed, I'd like for preemption to occur.

·         The job being preempted should be owned by the group which is over-using its quota the most, in absolute terms.

o   E.g. group A is using 500 slots, and group B is using 500 slots.

o   A user from group C submits a job.

o   A job owned by group B should be preempted, because it exceeds its quota by 300, while group A exceeds its quota by only 200.


Is there a way to achieve this kind of behavior using HTCondor?



Uri Schneider