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Re: [HTCondor-users] StartLog Error

On 1/30/2014 1:59 PM, Dennis Zheleznyak wrote:
Hi everyone,

Today I encountered an issue when a machine didn't appear in my Condor's
pool, all services were up and didn't see any errors in logs but this one:

I'm running Condor 8.0.5 on Windows 7 Professional 64 Bit, this machine is
a submit only node.

01/30/14 18:48:30 slot1: New machine resource allocated
01/30/14 18:48:30 slot2: New machine resource allocated
01/30/14 18:48:30 slot3: New machine resource allocated
01/30/14 18:48:30 slot4: New machine resource allocated
01/30/14 18:48:30 ERROR "stat exec path (C:\condor\execute), errno: 2 (No
such file or directory)" at line 97 in file

Thank you,

My guess is the HTCondor service was still up because the condor_master.exe daemon was likely still running, and attempting to periodically restart the condor_startd.exe daemon. The condor_master should have been sending email about the problem to you, assuming you configured the CONDOR_ADMIN and SMTP_SERVER settings in your condor_config file.

The problem is the condor_startd needs c:\condor\execute to exist.

But given that this machine is just a submit node, why run a condor_startd at all? The condor_startd is the daemon that executes jobs, the condor_schedd is the one that submits jobs. I suggest removing "STARTD" from the DAEMON_LIST entry in this machine's condor_config[.local] file.

Note that if you do not run a condor_startd, then the machine will not appear when you do "condor_status", but that is just because by default condor_status will show information about startds (i.e. execute nodes). You could see all your submit nodes by doing
  condor_status -schedd
and/or information about all users that have jobs submitted via
  condor_status -submitters

Hope the above helps,

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