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[HTCondor-users] Gadget-2 (an MPI compiled code) on HTCondor

Hi all,

I have tried to submit a Gadget-2 (a cosmological simulation code) job, but the job has been always in the state of 'Idle'.Â

The script I wrote is pasted below. Gadget2 is the executable, galaxy.param is a text file which contains all kinds of parameters, and initial.dat contains some data that the code uses during its execution. I could locally run "mpirun -np 8 Gadget2 galaxy.param" with no problem.
-----------------------------script begin

universe = parallel
executable = mp1script
arguments = Gadget2 galaxy.param
machine_count = 8
should_transfer_files = yes
input = galaxy.param
transfer_input_files = Gadget2,galaxy.param,initial.dat
log = condor-galaxy.log
output = condor-galaxy.out
error = condor-galaxy.error

-----------------------------script end

Any help would be much appreciated.