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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_power query

Are the packets crossing routers?  I had a similar issue when integrating condor_power.  I had to have networking open up the router to allow the magic packet to cross it.

Mark Glowka
Sr Infrastructure Analyst
The Hartford

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Hi there,

our central IT guys have recently been looking at deploying a power-saving product, Nightwatchman, and as a result we're now looking at how it will play with the Condor resource that we run across their windows 7 real-estate.

Just as a basic test of the Condor 7.4.4 windows deployments we have, we have seen some strange behaviours when just ascertaining if condor_power does what it says on the tin

We have two windows 7 machines on the same network and one of them is put to sleep.

Using a tool called WakemeOnLan on the other, a WinDump (the windows equivalent of tcpdump) shows a 102-byte UDP packet being broadcast to (safetynetp)

and the machine wakes up.

Invoking, within a CMD.EXE, a

condor_power -m aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

sees a message telling us that a packet has been sent but WinDump reports nothing.

Invoking condor_power with a subnet mask,

condor_power -s 111.222.333.0 -m aa:bb:cc:dd:ee:ff

has WinDump showng us a 102-byte UDP packet being broadcast to (discard)

but the target machine does not wake up.

I am told that there is nothing blocking port 9 on that network segment.

In both cases, echoing the windows condor_power return code with

echo %errorlevel%

gives a 0 indicating success.

Adding the -d flag to the condor_power invocations doesn't add anything to the investigation.

Any clues or anyone seen anything like this ?

Kevin M. Buckley

eScience Consultant
School of Engineering and Computer Science Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand _______________________________________________
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