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[HTCondor-users] Adding GPUs to machine resources

I've been running Condor for more than a decade now, but being 
rather new to the Condor/GPU business, I'm having a hard time now.

Following http://spinningmatt.wordpress.com/2012/11/19, I have tried
to add two GPUs to the resources available to a standalone machine
with a number of CPU cores, by defining in condor_config.d/gpu:


SLOT_TYPE_1               = cpus=100%,auto
NUM_SLOTS_TYPE_1          = 1

I added a "request_gpus" line to my - otherwise rather simplistic -
submit file, specifying either 1 or 0.
This works - depending on the amount of free resources (obviously,
the GPUS are the least abundant one), jobs get matched and started.
Checking the output of condor_status -l for the individual dynamic
slots, the numbers look OK.
(I'm wondering whether I'd have to set request_gpus=0 somewhere.
Seems to default to 0 though.)

Now the idea is to tell the job - via arguments, environment,
or a job wrapper - which GPU to use. This is where I ran out of

suggests to use 
  arguments = @...$((AssignedGPUs))
but this macro cannot be expanded on job submission...

There's no _CONDOR_AssignedGPUs in the "printenv" output.

# grep -i gpu /var/lib/condor/execute/dir_*/.{machine,job}.ad
doesn't show anything that looks helpful.

Addition of a line
as suggested in the wiki page shows no effect at all.

Also, $(LIBEXEC)/condor_gpu_discovery doesn't work as expected:
# /usr/lib/condor/libexec/condor_gpu_discovery [-properties]
modprobe: FATAL: Module nvidia-uvm not found.
(and -properties makes no difference)

In the end, I'd like to have up to TotalGpus slots with a (or
both) GPU/s assigned to it/them, and $CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES or
another environment variable telling me (and a possible wrapper
script) the device numbers. (I also suppose that a non-GPU slot
would have to set $CUDA_VISIBLE_DEVICES to the empty string or

In an era of partitionable resources, will I still have to revert
to static assignments of the individual GPUs to static slots? I
don't hope so (as this doesn't provide an easy means to allocate
both GPUs to a single job)...

Any suggestions?


Steffen Grunewald * Cluster Admin * steffen.grunewald(*)aei.mpg.de
MPI f. Gravitationsphysik (AEI) * Am Mühlenberg 1, D-14476 Potsdam
http://www.aei.mpg.de/ * ------- * +49-331-567-{fon:7274,fax:7298}