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[HTCondor-users] Incorrect slot resources after job is vacated

Hi all,

We are trying to diagnose a problem with slots and requested resources after a
job is vacated.

For example, if we set:

request_cpus = 1

in the submit file, the resulting job does get allocated to a 1 core slot.
However, if the job is vacated, when it reappears it does so in a 4 cores slot.
When vacated, the now 4 cores job remains at 4 cores. This happens every time a
job is vacated.

We appreciate any hints on where to look to solve this issue.

Best wishes,


(I have included links to the submit file, and the output of condor_status and

Submit file:

Running with the correct number of cpus:
condor_status -l slot1_2@xxxxxxxxxxx:
condor_q -l jobid...:

Running with the incorrect number of cpus (4 instead of 1):