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[HTCondor-users] Upgrading from 7.5.5


We have a Condor pool that still uses an old 7.5.5 version for all deamons. I'd like to upgrade the pool to a more up to date version, but it seems that we won't have the time to stop submitting new jobs, wait for the queue to drain and simply switch versions, so we'll have to do it by keeping the content of the queue valid if its possible. I have the following questions:
- Is it safer to switch to the stable branch for this?
- Are there any known issues that make the switch impossible? Are there any significant changes that make jobs or dagman stop working with old job submit files?
- Can an older scheduler work with a 8.x startd? Can I first upgrade the worker machines and upgrade the scheduler/negotiator later? Or is it more safe to upgrade both of them at the same time?

Thanks in advance for any help; it looks like a delicate issue and any help is much appreciated!