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Re: [HTCondor-users] condor_submit_dag --> -maxpost

On Mon, 31 Mar 2014, Bolding, John wrote:

I am using condor 7.8.6 and have lots of jobs that
start up POST scripts, and the optional -maxpost
argument is used to limit the number of POST scripts
running at one time.

My question: When there are more than maxpost POST scripts
on the queue, what DAGMAN settings control the frequency
that the POST scripts queue is revisited to keep maxpost
POST scripts running at one time?

What happens is that each time a script finishes, a reaper inside DAGMan is called, and that reaper starts a new script if there's one waiting. So there isn't a setting to control the frequency at which this happens.

Are these DAGMAN settings used to control POST script
job submit cadence?


These settings only affect the submission of actual HTCondor jobs, not post scripts. The only thing is that new post scripts can only get added into the queue every DAGMAN_USER_LOG_SCAN_INTERVAL seconds, because DAGMan only sees the HTCondor jobs finishing that frequently. But once a post script goes into the queue, DAGMAN_USER_LOG_SCAN_INTERVAL no longer has any effect on it.

Kent Wenger