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Re: [HTCondor-users] Condor calling home to condor.cs.wisc.edu

On 10/28/2014 11:21 AM, Brian Candler wrote:
 > Now that I know to search for "CONDOR_DEVELOPERS_COLLECTOR" I found
which explains that this does indeed happen, and says:
"you are free to disable it at any time by changing the configuration
described in section 3.3.15 of the user's manual"

without saying exactly what you need to do, without a hyperlink, and
with the wrong section number.
Debugging this was not a happy experience, so I'm just reporting it here
in case it helps others.



Hi Brian,

I am sorry to hear about your unhappy experience above. I also agree with you that it should not have required so much sleuthing to figure out how to disable these reports. We certainly did not intend to obscure how to disable this behavior! In an effort to improve the situation, I just updated the website privacy policy page to
  + state directly on that page how to disable the reports,
  + future-proof any hyperlinks on the privacy policy page
  + update the example of information that is sent.
In addition, the example annotated config file entries were updated to help admins quickly disable this behavior should they chose to do so - without digging around in the Manual.

These changes prompted by your email are collected in ticket 4706 at
and will be released starting with HTCondor v8.3.2. Please feel free add remarks to this ticket (or on this email list) with any further ideas you may have on this issue, much appreciated.