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[HTCondor-users] How to limit number of machines used in a long list of queues

HTCondor 8.2.1 on all Windowsx64 pool

I have about 80 machines (slots) in the pool. I need to submit more than 1000 jobs in a single submit file as follows:

initialdir = dir_0001

initialdir = dir_0002
initialdir = dir_1000

OK, that will work, but I would like to limit the number of machines claimed at any time to, say, 50. How can I submit 1000 jobs, but have the number of machines actually used (50) limited to less than the number of machines available (80) at all times?

I don't want to have to explicitly list each machine allowed or disallowed using a Requirements statement. Instead I'd like to say something like

Max_Machines = 50

Thanks much--

Ralph Finch
Calif Dept. of Water Resources
Sacramento, CA USA