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Re: [HTCondor-users] Explicit specification of execute node locations

I noticed the same thing when moving from 7.6.7 to 8.0.x

To fix it, change the \ to /


So SLOT2_EXECUTE = D:/condor/execute


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Subject: [HTCondor-users] Explicit specification of execute node locations


Hello Condor Team, 


We recently tried upgrading from 7.8.8 to 8.2.0, and the following local config file seemingly ceased to work in that no scratch directories were created on any of the D: drive slots under 8.2.0.  


#Remove Hyperthreading from Blades



#Splits up the cores between the two HDD

SLOT1_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT2_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT3_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT4_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT5_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute   

SLOT6_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT7_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT8_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT9_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT10_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT11_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute   

SLOT12_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute

SLOT13_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT14_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute   

SLOT15_EXECUTE =C:\condor\execute

SLOT16_EXECUTE =D:\condor\execute


We confirmed that the directories specified above did in fact exist, a necessary condition according to the manual.  Because we have a minimum 2HDs on each machine in our cluster, we were running at about half capacity.  Rolling back to 7.8.8 did fix the problem, but is somewhat unsatisfactory in that we want to stay up-to-date.  


Unfortunately my IT help is out this week and we can't install 8.3.0 until he returns next week...so I'm unable to determine if this particular problem persists in 8.3.0.  I'm curious to learn if this issue was reported by anyone else when upgrading to 8.2 from 7.x?, and, if not, were there any changes to condor between 7.8 and 8.2 that may have interfered with this functionality?





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