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Re: [HTCondor-users] Where to change automated email receipt

Hi Ben,

Thanks for the suggestion. Based on the doc, flag "notify_user" should be the place to specify the email address. I have it specified in the submit file, but still not getting it, I get the email from another accound, so some place replaced it.

[root@tstbbcollab01 condorSubmitFiles]# cat test.condor
universe = vanilla
requirements = (OpSys=="LINUX")
executable = /usr/local/blackboard/apps/bbcms/bin/set-directory-quota.sh
arguments = /users/rkbarbe 200
getenv = True
log = /usr/local/logs/bbCondorLogs/archive20140904.log
notification = Error
notify_user = yi9@xxxxxxxxxxx
transfer_executable = False
when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT
queue 1

The sample email is below.

This is an automated email from the Condor system
on machine "tstbbcollab01.clemson.edu".  Do not reply.

Condor job 7.0
	/usr/local/condor/bin/condor_dagman -f -l . -Lockfile /usr/local/CMSIntegration/files/Blackbird20140911.lock -AutoRescue 1 -DoRescueFrom 0 -Dag /usr/local/CMSIntegration/files/Blackbird20140911 -CsdVersion $CondorVersion:' '7.8.8' 'Mar' '20' '2013' 'BuildID:' '110288' '$ -Force -Notification Complete -Dagman /usr/local/condor/bin/condor_dagman
exited normally with status 1

Submitted at:        Thu Sep 11 15:22:42 2014
Completed at:        Thu Sep 11 15:23:45 2014
Real Time:           0 00:01:03

Virtual Image Size:  275 Kilobytes

Statistics from last run:
Allocation/Run time:     0 00:01:02
Remote User CPU Time:    0 00:00:00
Remote System CPU Time:  0 00:00:00
Total Remote CPU Time:   0 00:00:00

Statistics totaled from all runs:
Allocation/Run time:     0 00:01:02


On 9/11/14, 3:48 PM, Ben Cotton wrote:

Which email are you talking about? If it's the job email, you'll need
to specify notify_user in the submit file (see
If it's system email (e.g. daemon failure messages), then perhaps the
CONDOR_ADMIN setting is being replaced elsewhere. You can check with:

     condor_config_val -v CONDOR_ADMIN