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[HTCondor-users] The condor GANGLIAD damon can't be restarted by condor_restart

Dear Expert:

I just find that under V8.2.2, the gangliad daemon can not be restarted by condor_restart, but condor_off and condor_on still work for this daemon.

  svr021:~# condor_restart -daemon gangliad
Can't find address for local gangliad
Perhaps you need to query another pool.

  condor_status -any does not show anything about GANGLIAD.

 The only thing related with gangliad is as following:

  svr021:~# condor_status -any -verbos | grep GANGLIAD
GANGLIAD_StartTime = 1408453416
GANGLIAD_Timestamp = 1407448562

  However, meanwhile the condor_gangliad daemon is still working properly:

svr021:~# ps -ef | grep gangliad
root     17316 17257  0 16:15 pts/3    00:00:00 grep gangliad
condor   29841 29837  0 Aug19 ?        00:18:34 condor_gangliad -f

   Any idea?