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Re: [HTCondor-users] variation on HAS_MY_SOFTWARE classad parameter setup

Hi Mary,

I think what you are looking for is ‘startd cron’:


It allows you to specify a periodically-executed script; the stdout from that script is added directly to the startd’s classad and will be available to reference in the job’s Requirements.

Would this work?


On Jul 2, 2015, at 11:00 AM, Mary Romelfanger <mary@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:


This is a follow on question to a discussion that we had with a couple of you guys at the conference.

We would like to add a local variation of a HAS_MY_SOFTWARE parameter to our local configuration files, so that we can use the matching Requirements = statement in our submit files.

The question is — we are using virtual machines that come and go, and software that occasionally moves from one virtual machine to a different machine, and with that we currently have just two condor_config.local files that we create links to as we install HTCondor on a machine.   In this case the software is one of our side packages and is typically only running on one machine.  The jobs that need that package need to be directed to that one machine.

Is there any way to put a test into the condor_config.local file to test to see if the software is running on that machine so set HAS_MY_SOFTWARE = True?
   I was envisioning something like testing if a file exists?      But I am not finding any if options in the config file?

And if this is not possible I am open to any suggestions for any other way to add this classed parameter other than creating another set of condor_config.local files and then having a more complex installation decision tree for the HTCondor installer.     I really would prefer a solution that tests the machine and finds the one that has the software running when HTCondor is started.

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