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[HTCondor-users] A few questions about the format of variables (classads) and their values when using the python bindings


I am in the process to stop creating by code a condor submit file to
then run condor_submit in a subshell, and instead using the python
bindings end-to-end.

I have tried to figure out the mapping between submit files content
and classads by running
   condor_submit -dump
Also, read the documentation on classAds here

However, there are a few things I don't know yet how to deal with. In
particular, with respect to some varibles -or classads-, their format,
and the correct format of their values.
Here we go...

(1) copy_to_spool
I don't find anywhere the corresponding classAd for it, or how to pass
a value opposite to the default one when calling  submit( )

(2) Lower case or upper case? Quotes yes or not?
Let's take, for example, classad StreamOut. In the dump file, its
value is false. No quotes, lower case.
In the original submit file, however, its value was False. Upper case.
In the output of htcondor.Schedd( ).query( ), its value is False. Upper case.
How should I fill it when creating the classads diccionary myself? Is
the same upper case than lower case?

Now, let's take classad x509userproxy. In the output of
htcondor.Schedd( ).query( ) is comes between quotes, even it doesn't
seem to need them in the submit file.
When must I provide for the quotes and when not in the classad dictionary?

(3) Similar to that. What about
   +TransferOutput = ""
what should be the value of the classad? double quotes in between
single quotes? double quotes escaped in between double quotes? Just
double quotes? ...?

(4) what is the classad equivalent to submit file variable nordugrid_rsl ?

Thanks a lot in advance.