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[HTCondor-users] Two Factor Authentication

Hi HTCondor peoples

We at the US Geological Survey have just been mandated to use two-factor authentication for all Windows machines in the agency. The result is that credentials for authentication seem not to be passed through HTCondor properly. When I submit runs from a submit node, condor_q lists them as running (âRâ), and condor_status shows machines as claimed, but the job log reports:

007 (408.088.000) 07/27 17:14:16 Shadow exception!
Error from slot1@xxxxxxxx.xxx.net: Failed to create a user nobody
0  -  Run Bytes Sent By Job
0  -  Run Bytes Received By Job

This is reported for all machines that have TFA enabled. 

Is there a way to pass the credentials through in this setup? Anyone have experience with TFA and HTCondor?

I can provide more specifics about how TFA was implemented if that would help.

Mike Fienen
USGS Wisconsin Water Science Center