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[HTCondor-users] Using Torque/PBS with HTCondor

I would appreciate some pointers on how this can be set up. I have read through the documentation, but do not have a clear idea of what is appropriate/possible for our situation, or how to set it up.

I am setting up an HTCondor pool of Win7 machines, and we also have a Torque queuing system set up on a SUSe linux machine that is linked to a linux cluster.

I would like to be able to queue up analyses on the Linux cluster from the windows PCs. It seems to me that HTCondor should be a good way to do that, but I am not sure what is necessary. 
1. Do we need to install HTCondor on the computer running Torque, and if so, how do we get them to interact? Do we simply get the linux machine to join the pool? 
2. What would the submission scripts look like?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


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