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[HTCondor-users] Pre-empting two jobs

Hi All,

I was wondering if there was a way to configure HTCondor to pre-empt two jobs.

Let’s say that I have a job that requires 4GB and 1 CPU on an HTCondor pool of 4GB,2CPU. Two jobs have consumed the entirety of the resources of the HTCondor pool, each job consuming 2GB of memory and  1 CPU.

Now, I read all the documentation and apparently the solution here is to use “defrag” since these will be dynamic slots or compute-on-demand, but, compute-on-demand requires that you actually specify the startd address of the host you want to run the job on.

Is there any magical HTCondor configuration parameter which will allow a job to pre-empt as many jobs-on-dynamic-slots as it needs to in order to run?


Evan Sarmeinto
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