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[HTCondor-users] Classifying job on the basis of cpu time request


I want to classify job on the basis of requested cputime and add a JobType to the class add. I am adding request_cputime like this to job submission script

Universe = vanilla
ÂExecutable = hello_world.sh
input = /dev/null output = hello.out
error = hello.error
request_memory = 100
+request_cputime = 10

# configuration at SCHEDD

JobType = \
ifThenElse(request_cputime <= 2, "short",\
ifThenElse((request_cputime > 2) && (request_cputime <= 12), "medium",\
ifThenElse(request_cputime > 12, "long",\
ifThenElse(request_cputime =?= undefined, "long",\
ÂSUBMIT_EXPRS = $(SUBMIT_EXPRS) JobType request_cputime

It works if '+request_cputime' is defined in job submission script, but I also want to make sure that if 'request_cputime' is not defined in the job submission script then it should default to long. This bit is not working. Any suggestion will be very helpful.