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Re: [HTCondor-users] Permission denied to remove job


You probably want to set the QUEUE_SUPER_USERS configuration macro:

A comma and/or space separated list of user names on a given machine
that are given super-user access to the job queue, meaning that they
can modify or delete the job ClassAds of other users. When not on this
list, users can only modify or delete their own ClassAds from the job
queue. Whatever user name corresponds with the UID that HTCondor is
running as - usually user condor - will automatically be included in
this list, because that is needed for HTCondor's proper functioning.
See section 3.6.13 on UIDs in HTCondor for more details on this. By
default, the Unix user root and the Windows user administrator are
given the ability to remove other user's jobs, in addition to user
condor. In addition to a single user, Unix user groups may be
specified by using a special syntax defined for this configuration
variable; the syntax is the percent character (%) followed by the user
group name. All members of the user group are given super-user access.


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