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[HTCondor-users] blacklisted local host Collector


I'm running a personal  condor pool on a machine with 64 nodes. sometimes.

condor_status -total -debug

03/26/15 13:40:25 Collector blacklisted; skipping

I gather from other mailing list posts this means the localhost will be skipped for an hour?

Can anyone suggest how to prevent this, or why it's happening? Can I shorten the blacklisting time, or reset the blacklisting (condor_restart doesn't seem to do it)? I'm using the information returned by condor_status -total in a program to determine whether I should launch new jobs or not.

Some more info:

$ condor_config_val -v COLLECTOR_HOST
  Defined in '/etc/condor/condor_config', line 973.

$ condor_config_val -v CONDOR_HOST
  Defined in '/etc/condor/config.d/00debconf', line 20.

Many thanks,