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[HTCondor-users] ASSIGN_CPU_AFFINITY and Parallel Universe?


I had set ASSIGN_CPU_AFFINITY = True as recommended in the 
HowToLimitCpuUsage wiki page a while ago.

Today, a user complained that his Parallel Universe jobs "sometimes"
would be 5 times slower than others.

A somewhat deeper investigation showed that indeed multiple nodes
of the same job would share one CPU, causing a slowdown of a factor
up to 4.

This didn't happen (or wasn't noticed) without that setting in place.

Is this a known side-effect? I still have the feeling that ParUniv
jobs are not the most-loved children of Condor... I'm also still
looking for a way to match ParUniv jobs to as few nodes as possible
(currently, the matchmaker selects the "most complete" partitionable
slots for the first round, but then looks for others - how can I
override this behaviour, for MPI jobs only, of course?)


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