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Re: [HTCondor-users] PERIODIC_HOLD is applied extremely infrequently

I added D_FULLDEBUG and "Evaluated periodic expressions" lines appear is SchedLog as expected. For example:
Evaluated periodic expressions in 0.301s, scheduling next run in 60s

My periodic hold expression is defined like this:
rss_max = 6000
mem_hold = ((isUndefined(ResidentSetSize_RAW) =?= False && isUndefined(RequestMemory) =?= False && ResidentSetSize_RAW/1000 > RequestMemory \
                            && ResidentSetSize_RAW/1000 > 6000) =?= True)
SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD = ((JobStatus == 2 && JobUniverse == 5 && $(mem_hold) && isUndefined(RemoteHost) =?= False && regex("gzk9000c", RemoteHost) =!= True) =?= True)

For testing, I tried using this:
SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD = (JobStatus == 2 && JobUniverse == 5 && Owner == "vbrik")

The interesting thing about the expression above is that it puts *some* jobs on hold immediately after they start running (as expected), but jobs that weren't put on hold immediately after starting are never put on hold.

While debugging, I am also using this:


On 05/08/15 15:51, Ben Cotton wrote:

You should see lines like:

05/08/15 16:45:51 (pid:2968) Evaluated periodic expressions in 0.000s,
scheduling next run in 300s

in your sched log (assuming SCHEDD_DEBUG includes D_FULLDEBUG). If you
see that at the expected interval (based on your
PERIODIC_EXPR_INTERVAL setting) then it's probably a problem in your
SYSTEM_PERIODIC_HOLD expression. Could you share that? If it doesn't
show up at the expected time, we'll have to try something else.