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Re: [HTCondor-users] List


Thanks for the info, Michael!

P.S: If the HTCondor's team is eventually interested in making and publishing that list, our institution could be also added: IAC (Instituto de AstrofÃsica de Canarias): http://www.iac.es/index.php?lang=en

Quoting Michael V Pelletier <Michael.V.Pelletier@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:

"HTCondor-users" <htcondor-users-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote on 11/18/2015
06:23:06 AM:

From: Antonio Dorta <adorta@xxxxxx>
Date: 11/18/2015 06:24 AM

Hi all!

I was wondering if there is a list of institutions, companies, etc.
where HTCondor is used. Having that will be cool for a presentation we
are working on...

I have searched in the documentation and I have found almost nothing
(Wikipedia mentions NASA and I know that Dreamworks rendering farms
works with HTCondor, as well other Universities and Research


A good place to start on this would be to review the HTCondor Week agendas
over the last several years. A few I can name just from 2015 are CERN,
UCSD, FermiLab, Brookhaven, and me, at Raytheon - and that's just
Wednesday's presentations.

        -Michael Pelletier.

Antonio Dorta
Servicios InformÃticos EspecÃficos (SIE)
InvestigaciÃn y EnseÃanza
Instituto de AstrofÃsica de Canarias (IAC)
C/ VÃa LÃctea, s/n. 38205 - La Laguna, Santa Cruz de Tenerife
Despacho: 1508. Tfno: 922 60 5278. email: adorta@xxxxxx
Supercomputing at IAC: http://www.iac.es/sieinvens/SINFIN/Main/supercomputing.php
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