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[HTCondor-users] bug in schedd_negotiate.cpp

as nobody has so far replied to my other post on this mailing list or to the mail that i sent directly to the htcondor-admin address, i try it again here:

there is a serious bug in schedd_negotiate.cpp, line 267:

disk = (MAX((int) ceil((disk / total_disk) * 100), 1)) * int(total_disk/100.0);

this line calculates the disk space that is allocated to a slot. the problem is that if a job requests less than 1% of the total available disk space, this is ignored. instead, it is treated as having requested this 1% of the disk space.

in normal systems with a small amount of CPU cores, this will not really be a problem. however, i have an execution machine with 144 cores. as the minimum disk space a slot gets is 1% of the available disk space, the scheduler runs out of disk space after 100 jobs.

i have not found a bug tracking system to which i could post this. neither is there an issue tracker on github. i would be very happy to help to resolve this bug.


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