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Re: [HTCondor-users] how to install on ubuntu?

On 22/11/2015 04:05, Sunshine wrote:
So, can I use HTCondor Debian Repository to install condor on ubuntu?

Yes, that works (I use the Wheezy packages under Ubuntu 14.04). However there are actual Ubuntu packages you can use - see below.

Then use apt-get install condor
Or what shoul I do?
The official  instructions for "Ubunutu" [sic] are here:

Unfortunately they are broken, because they then go on to talk about Debian versions (squeeze, wheezy)

So you have to use your common sense to adapt them. The actual Ubuntu repository is
and the packages for ubuntu12 and ubuntu14 are here:

Note that there are only "stable" packages; no "development" has yet been published for Ubuntu (but is for Debian), although I'm told they will be for the next development release.