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Re: [HTCondor-users] CREAM error: Failed to start gahp

Hi Jose,

Please try installing the condor-all rpm. This will pull in the condor-externals that you are missing.


On 10/01/2015 03:20 PM, Jose Caballero wrote:
2015-10-01 16:17 GMT-04:00 Bob Ball <ball@xxxxxxxxx>:
Did anyone notice that condor-libs is 8.0.4-2, and all else is 8.4.0-1?

So I just removed that old package, and reinstalled condor and
condor-cream-gahp again.
New list of RPMs is:

$ rpm -qa | grep condor

But still getting the same error:

10/01/15 16:18:16 [73704] GAHP server pid = 73728
10/01/15 16:18:16 [73704] GAHP command 'INITIALIZE_FROM_FILE' failed: -1
10/01/15 16:18:16 [73704] GAHP: Failed to initialize from file
10/01/15 16:18:16 [73704] (9486.0) doEvaluateState called: gmState
GM_STAGE_IN, creamState
10/01/15 16:18:16 [73704] (9486.0) Stage-in failed: Failed to start gahp
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