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[HTCondor-users] DAGMan and remote_initialdir



I am using condor 8.0.3 together with a shared file system (i.e. I do not have to transfer any files).

In order to get the output files to the right place, I had to set the the remote_initialdir in my command file as follows:


universe = vanilla

getenv = true

nice_user = true

remote_initialdir = $ENV(PWD)


and accordingly submitted the jobs from the wanted directory.


Now I would like to make use of condor's DAGMan and specify the working directory in the corresponding dag file:


JOB <jobname> <path/to/cmd_file.cmd> DIR <!!WORKING DIR!!>


This way, the directory I am submitting from is not necessarily the desired output dir.

But how can I make condor aware of the the remote_initialdir that is defined in the corresponding DAG file?


(Something like "remote_intialdir = $(initialdir)", If I understood everything correctly and this is the directory to be set by the DAGMan...)


Thank you to everyone,




Philipp Mahlberg


Helmholtz-Institut für Strahlen- und Kernphysik

Raum 1.026


Nussallee 14-16

53115 Bonn