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[HTCondor-users] partially solved: condor doesn't vacate workstation when user logs in at console

We've been having a problem where condor jobs keep running even after someone logs in at the console. I guess a lot of people are having the same problem. What I did was configured X to run condor_vacate when someone logs in. In ubuntu, startup apps are configured in /etc/xdm/autostart. For example, there are config files in there to start the screen saver/screen lock. I just added a file so it runs condor_vacate too.

1. Creat a file /etc/xdg/autostart/condor_vacate.desktop.

2. Put the following lines in it:

[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Tells condor to vacate the workstation (kill all condor jobs)

I am not an expert on writing these xdg config files. I googled for docs on xdg but found nothing but other people complaining about the lack of documentation for xdg. I'd welcome comments on the contents of the above config file.

Note: This does not work when someone logs into the character interfaceafter hitting control+alt+f1. But it works when they log into the GUI.

John Heim, jheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, 608-263-4189, skype:john.g.heim, sip:jheim@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx