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Re: [HTCondor-users] using idle computers in computer labs for CFD jobs

Here is the link to our two examples in C and MATLAB:


On 19/10/2015 03:43, "HTCondor-users on behalf of David Herd"
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>Hi All,
>I am the administrator for 200 Windows computers in our computer labs.
>Because of opening hours and sessions the computers are idle a minimum of
>8 hours a day during session and mostly idle outside session.  Iâd like
>to make better use
> of these computers and am considering how I can run batch jobs on the
>machines.  The jobs we run are mostly CFD and use Ansys.  As such we
>canât link them HT Condor modules and it looks like we wonât be able to
>take checkpoints of our jobs.
>Is this then the case that we canât checkpoint our jobs?
>Has anybody found a way to run batch jobs on their idle computers that
>can be checkpointed if required?  Iâm wondering if I can add a Linux VM
>to each of my machines and run the Condor on them.  This way I can
>checkpoint the jobs if required.
>Iâd be grateful for any opinions particularly if youâve tried this.
>David Herd
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