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[HTCondor-users] Condor 8.5 SOAP Question

Hei all,


I'm trying to schedule a job via SOAP from Java and run into issues regarding the 'owner', I create the SOAP Java 8 stubs via JAX-WS wsimport.

The problem occurs when I try to create a new job. The moment I call 'newJob', the SchedLog shows a problem chowning the spool directory:

10/27/15 13:29:07 (pid:26566) About to serve HTTP request...

10/27/15 13:29:07 (pid:26566) passwd_cache::cache_uid(): getpwnam("") failed: user not found

10/27/15 13:29:07 (pid:26566) (18.0) Failed to find UID and GID for user . Cannot chown /var/lib/condor/spool/18/0/cluster18.proc0.subproc0 to user.


The related sample-code looks as follows:

Transaction transaction = scheduler.beginTransaction(30).getTransaction();

Integer clusterId = scheduler.newCluster(transaction).getInteger();

Integer jobId = scheduler.newJob(transaction, clusterId).getInteger();

ClassAdStructAndStatus classAdStructAndStatus = scheduler.getJobAd(transaction, clusterId, jobId);


How is Condor supposed to know, who owns a job, if the 'Owner' ClassAd is only defined in the ' createJobTemplate' which needs the jobId from 'newJob'? Am I making some essential mistake? Is there a way to define a default job-owner for SOAP?



Med vennlig hilsen / Best regards,

Dr.-Ing. Jan Tim Jagenberg

Forsker – Konstruksjonsteknikk

Research Scientist – Structural Engineering


MARINTEK (Norsk Marinteknisk Forskningsinstitutt AS)

Address:  POB 4125 Valentinlyst, NO-7450 Trondheim, Norway

Mobile:   +47 980 268 20

Web:       www.marintek.sintef.no


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