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[HTCondor-users] 答复: Where can I find the wsdl file?

Thank you very much for help. I can send condorSchedd.getVersionString command successfully. But when I try to use the beginTransaction() function, a permission denied was returned. I have set ALLOW_SOAP=* and ALLOW_WRITE=*.nttdocomo.local. I can use condor_submit from for submission. And here is the relevant log from condor schedd:

09/14/15 10:50:33 (pid:1328) Received HTTP POST connection from <
09/14/15 10:50:33 (pid:1328) About to serve HTTP request...
09/14/15 10:50:33 (pid:1328) Completed servicing HTTP request
09/14/15 10:50:45 (pid:1328) Received HTTP POST connection from <
09/14/15 10:50:45 (pid:1328) About to serve HTTP request...
09/14/15 10:50:45 (pid:1328) PERMISSION DENIED to unauthenticated user from host
 1c INVALID ADDRESS FAMILY for SOAP, access level WRITE: reason: WRITE authoriza
tion policy contains no matching ALLOW entry for this request; identifiers used
for this host: , hostname size = 0, original ip address = 1c INVALID ADDRESS FAM

Where you can find the first ip address is correct, which is, but the soap server falsely report that address as 1c, I cannot explain why. Could you please help to find a solution. Thank you very much.

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On Windows, you should see it in $(BIN)\webservice (e.g.


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