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Re: [HTCondor-users] port problem

On 9/17/2015 12:53 PM, Todd Tannenbaum wrote:
On 9/17/2015 4:49 AM, shellofsomeone@xxxxxxx wrote:
hi administrator:
    how to configure condor about this situation:

there is a firewall between condor master slot and slave slots

PS, I have already used the shared port feature but still not work.



If you are using recent versions of HTCondor (ideally v8.4.0!) and just
have a firewall (i.e. you are not also using a NAT or private network),
you should be able to put
in your condor_config file(s) and restart all the daemons.  Doing this
will make all communication happen over TCP port 9618 by default, so you
need to also make sure your firewall allows both incoming and outgoing
traffic on this port.

^^^ Minor correction to my own post - you should enable both TCP and UDP traffic over port 9618.


If you do have a NAT or private network, take a look at



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