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[HTCondor-users] Preemption


In our HTCondor pool there is a special multi-core machine that belongs to a research group X. They want to run MPI parallel programs on that machine and right now that's properly working with partitionable slots and vanilla universe: all jobs submitted by users belonging to X (X-users) run immediately while there are still available cores (using request_cpus) and they are never preempted.

Since this group is not using that machine everyday, it could be interesting that other users would be able to use it for MPI or sequential programs, as long as they don't disturb X-users. So the idea is to run "non-X-users" jobs while there are available cores, but be able to preempt those other jobs as soon as X-users do a submission and there are no available cores... Is that possible in an easy way?

I've been reading documentation and trying some tests, but the results are not totally fine yet... So far I've been trying with some config files like the next one only on the special machine:

# Partitionable slot
SLOT_TYPE_1               = cpu=100%
NUM_SLOTS_TYPE_1          = 1

X_USERS         = (Owner == "a" || Owner == "b" || ...)
RANK            = $(X_USERS) * 1000
START           = $(X_USERS) || $(START)
PREEMPT         = !$(X_USERS) && $(PREEMPT)

PREEMPTION_RANK = - (X_USERS * 10000) - TotalJobRunTime

Thanks a lot!!

Antonio Dorta
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