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Re: [HTCondor-users] Matching by Group Membership

In your email, you use different names in your submit file
(IpcUserGroup) and start expression (IpcUserGroups). Is that a
transcription error or does the mismatch exist in reality?

On Tue, Aug 9, 2016 at 1:51 PM, Dennis Roberts <dennis@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Weâre trying to configure Condor to select which execute node pool to use
> based on group membership. The plan was to pass a list of groups that the
> user belongs to in a single ClassAd. It appears that we can use the
> {"item1","item2"} notation to pass a list in a ClassAd, and I was hoping to
> be able to use the member() function to determine whether or not the desired
> group was in the ClassAd. Hereâs what I tried so far:
> In the submission file:
> +IpcUserGroup = {"foo","bar","baz"}
> Dumped the ClassAds for the submission file to another file:
> condor_submit -dump job.ads iplant.cmd
> Dumped the ClassAds for the machines to another file:
> condor_status -long > machine.ads
> I then edited the Start expression for each of the machines in machine.ads
> to look like this:
> Start = ( member("foo", IpcUserGroups) )
> Finally, I ran condor_test_match to see if any of the machines would match
> the job:
> $ condor_test_match -machine-ads machine.ads -job-ads job.ads demand
> Estimating total possible machine maches for all jobs
> Fraction of machines matched: 0.000 (0 of 6)
> Note that I did get matches before I modified the Start expressions.
> Weâre using HTCondor version 8.2.8. Iâll keep trying different options to
> see if I can get this to work, but Iâd appreciate it if someone could steer
> me in the right direction. Also, Iâd like to know if weâll run into problems
> when weâre placing a list in a ClassAd. Is there a limit to the list length
> (or length of the string representation of the list) that might bite us
> later? Are there any character escaping issues that we may run into? For
> example, our our group names often contain colons. Will that cause a problem
> in the submission file?
> Thanks,
> Dennis
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