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Re: [HTCondor-users] Docker centos lock error

From: CARLOS ROMAN PALACIOS <carlos.roman@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Date: 08/30/2016 12:56 PM
> Thanks Greg, that was the problem :)
> 2016-08-30 10:30 GMT-05:00 Greg Thain <gthain@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
> On 08/30/2016 10:28 AM, CARLOS ROMAN PALACIOS wrote:
> > Yikes.  That would be the problem.  The condor user needs to exist 
*and be
> > a non-root (that is, non-zero user id).  This is true for Docker and 
> > other condor universes.

In the CentOS / Red Hat universe, the UID and GID for "condor" are 64,
per the list in /usr/share/doc/setup-*/uidgid, so that's what I use

Maybe that'd be a good feature request - have the RPM installer look for
that file and use the specified uid and gid if it's found. Do the other
Linux distributions have anything comparable?

        -Michael Pelletier.