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[HTCondor-users] docker, CCB and private networks

I am having trouble configuring the following situation:

Types of nodes and network
1. Desktop  : Public internet nodes Â(submit nodes)
2. Cluster workers: ÂBehind NAT
3. Docker applications : behind docker private network (submit nodes) Â

I have setup CCB using a shared port canÂ

I can get 1 & 2 to work together but cannot get node 3 to submit, probablyÂ
because they appear to be two different private network (node 2)10.0.0.X and (node 3) 10.42.X.X

The CCB documentation hints that this is solvable by opening the port range, but truthfully is not very clear about what steps are needed. All nodes see the CONDOR_HOST and condor_status and condor_q seem to be working but I cannot run condor_submit from node 3. Â

I would appreciate greatly a concrete example of how to setup the CCB between two private networks. Â