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[HTCondor-users] TasksMax in default unit file sometimes too low

Dear Condor breeders,

I've seen a problem whereby HTCondor runs out of processes on a fat machine.

Problem is, that the default unit file 'condor.service' for Systemd does not
specify a value for TasksMax, and the default value is (at least on Fedora)
512.  TasksMax is the maximum number of processes a daemon can start under
Systemd; useful to prevent fork-bombs.

So if you have a fat machine with say 64 CPUs and dynamic slots, you can in the
worst case only have 512/64 or 8 processes per 1-CPU slot.  That's really not

So I think that 'TasksMax' should, for HTCondor, be a function of the number
of CPUs configured. I've set it at 32 * nrcpus and everyone is happy

Midwinter greetings, Bert.