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[HTCondor-users] A useful trick with string lists

Even after a few years of working with HTCondor, I’m still getting the hang of lists. I just realized something that other folks may find useful, so I thought I’d send it out.


I’ve been fine-tuning the Grid Engine wrapper I wrote so it can better handle various engineering tools which don’t have a native HTCondor or LoadLeveler scheduler interface, and the job-monitoring functionality of these tools is looking for a Grid Engine qstat-format output, which means that JobStatus has to be translated into the appropriate letter code.


What I just realized is that this kind of translation for JobStatus can be done directly in a condor_q –format by using a string list, along these lines:


condor_q –format “state %s\n” ‘{ "Undefined", "Idle", "Running", "Removed", "Completed", "Held", "Transferring", "Suspended" }[JobStatus]’


Or for Grid Engine state letter codes:


condor_q –format “state %s\n” ‘{ "E", "qw", "r", "d", "--", "h", "t", "s" }[JobStatus]’


You’re declaring a StringList literal and indexing it with the JobStatus attribute of the jobs. Spiffy. I had set up something similar a couple of years ago as a pre-8.4 version of the “queue from” syntax, but I guess I had a failure of imagination when I forgot I could use it in condor_q as well.


Maybe there should be a manual section all about using the List type.


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