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[HTCondor-users] New Manual install on RHEL 7.2

I am trying to install the latest stable version on a Linux server which doesnât have internet access. This is the first time I have tried installing manually on Linux. Also I am a Windows admin trying to learn more of Condor and Linux. So detailed instructions are appreciated.

Hereâs the problem.

After running the command to install the RPM I get a message that says Updating / Installingâ Condor.versionÂÂ ### [100%].

After this 100% I get a warning: user slot5 does not exist â using root, and group slot5 does not exist â using root. So it looks like files and directories have been created in bin and etc but I canât start the service.ÂÂ

Here is the error after typing service condor start:Â

Redirecting to /bin/systemctl start condor.service

Failed to start condor.service: Unit condor.service failed to load: No such file or directory.Â



Thanks for your help.



Jon Knudson

IT Specialist

Upper Midwest Environmental Sciences Center

United States Geological Survey

La Crosse, Wisconsin Â54603