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[HTCondor-users] 'condor_off -peaceful' kills jobs

Hi All,

From manual of condor_off command, it is mentioned that '-peaceful' option wait indefinitely for jobs to finish. However, when I tested 'condor_off -peaceful' command, it killed jobs immediately. The command I used is as follows:

# condor_off -peaceful -daemon startd
Sent "Set-Peaceful-Shutdown" command to local startd
Sent "Kill-Daemon-Peacefully" command to local master

it claimed that it sent peaceful shutdown command, but in fact it killed jobs immediately and in startd logs it logged 'shutdown graceful':
02/23/16 15:44:21 slot2_1: State change: claim-activation protocol successful
02/23/16 15:44:21 slot2_1: Changing activity: Idle -> Busy
02/23/16 15:45:57 Got SIGTERM. Performing graceful shutdown.
02/23/16 15:45:57 shutdown graceful
02/23/16 15:45:57 Cron: Killing all jobs
02/23/16 15:45:57 Cron: Killing all jobs
02/23/16 15:45:57 Killing job mips
02/23/16 15:45:57 Killing job kflops
02/23/16 15:45:57 slot2_1: Changing activity: Busy -> Retiring
02/23/16 15:45:57 slot2_1: State change: claim retirement ended/expired

The condor version we are using is 8.4.2.