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Re: [HTCondor-users] mount points in docker universe

On 2/25/2016 8:59 AM, Matthias Schnepf wrote:

I want to mount some directories in my docker container (running as
Docker universe). It works fine when the path on the host and inside the
container are the same.

Is there a method to change the mount point inside the container?
e.g.:on host: /mnt/storage/ inside docker: /storage/



Hi Matthias,

Yes, if I recall correctly HTCondor can change the mount point inside the container.

To implement your example above (e.g.:on host: /mnt/storage/ inside docker: /storage/), I think you could append something like the following in condor_config.local :

DOCKER_VOLUME_DIR_STORAGE = /mnt/storage:/storage

Warning: the above config is off the top of my head, I didn't personally test it....

The key is the ability to use a colon in DOCKER_VOLUME_DIR_xxxx knob to specify both host and container mount points.
See details from the development ticket for this feature at:

It looks to me like the HTCondor Manual documentation on this feature is not yet 100% complete; for instance I didn't see it mention the ability to have different host and container mount points. We will make a documentation ticket to correct this for future releases of the HTCondor Manual.

Hope the above helps.


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